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This is what happens when Cara can't sleep...

See that shiny new button up in the navigation bar? The one that says 'Upcoming YA'? If you click on that shiny, new button you'll get a list. A list sorted by date with every upcoming YA release I could find. That's HUNDREDS OF TITLES, my friends.

I spent the last few hours putting this together because I just needed to be doing something. Since I will now be a zombie tomorrow and my pinky may have permanent nerve damage, I would love if you used that pretty link. I'm sure there's at least one book you've never heard of, so give it a shot!

If anyone finds out some information or any of the dates are wrong, feel free to email me! I'm really going to make an effort to keep the page updated, but if I fail at any time I give all of you permission to virtually slap me.*

*Or not....that works, too.

"It's too late to be thinking of songs"-Cara's wiped out brain,