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Hi5 (2): Crossover Couples!

 Hi5 is a weekly meme hosted by myself, Nomes @ Inkcrush, & Anne @ Potter, Percy, and I in which we all share our top fives. Each Friday you can get the next day's topic at one of our blogs and link to your post in the Mr. Linky. Have fun!

This week's topic is:
Crossover Couples!

I love imagining what would go down if characters from different books met, and who would most likely kill or kiss each other. So this is my kind of topic! QUICK NOTE: I know some of these pairings are impossible for reasons other than existing in different literary dimensions, such as death, but please bear with me here people. Now, onward to thine list:

5. Magnus Bane and Jamie Crawford (The Mortal Instruments/The Demon's Lexicon)- I definitely can see them being a thing. They're both just so...different. But they're also very similar. Hm, hard to explain my theory with this one. Probably would've been my number one pick if I wasn't such a Malec fangirl.

4. Cameron Smith and Emma Vaile (Going Bovine/Deception)- I get choked up a bit thinking of Cameron, but alas I think these two would be perfect for each other. Their personalities really compliment each other. Also, anyone who's read Going Bovine knows good ol' Cam loves his love interest strong and more than a little badass. (Which Emma most certainly is.)

3. Lena Beaudonte and Gale Hawthorne (Infinite Days/The Hunger Games)- Anybody see it? Anyone? Okay, I just think they're both very strong characters and they're both very, very passionate people. There's definitely some possibility there...

2. Cassel Sharpe and Lena Duchannes (White Cat/Beautiful Creatures)- They both have famillies who for the most part suck eggs, they both have a crazy relative or two set on killing them, and they both are magic users who do not know the whole truth about their powers. Yup, I can definitely see them bonding over some stuff. Plus, Cassel needs at least one person who's actually  nice to him. Poor dude...

1. Alaska Young and Nick Ryves (Looking For Alaska/The Demon's Lexicon)- Oh sweet baby Jesus I think this would be hilarious to see. Nick thinks he can handle anything and anyone, so if Alaska Young rolled into town (probably the most unhandleable* chick on Earth) I think Nick would have his hands full. I see a lot of tension going on there, seeing as how they're both very strong-willed and pigheaded stubborn, but ultimately they'd be so hot for each other.

*Yes, I know that probably isn't a word. No, I don't care. I tend to make up words a lot if you haven't noticed.

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