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Contest Winner!

The moment you've all {hopefully} been waiting for has now arrived, the moment when I send someone some stuff for free!

This lucky person will win:

Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Ann Schroeder


a signed copy of Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia & some Angel Star swag!

And now.

The winner.

Julie from Manga Maniac!

Yay! *blows vuvuzela* Congrats!

Email me at* within 48 hours to let me know you've seen this, and I'll send everything to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered! I'm having at least two more contests this summer, so you have more chances to win.

I also wanted to thank each and every one of you for following this blog, it really means a lot!

*God knows that's the longest email address in the history of email addresses, but just 'chasingwords' was taken. I blame Google.

"Daylight"-Matt & Kim,