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I have NEWS.

I have lots of fun news-like things to tell you! Yay!

First: I have affiliates! *throws confetti*

These two lovely ladies who've agreed to put up with me are Nomes from Inkcrush and Anne from Potter, Percy, and I! We all put together some interview questions to answer so you all can get to know us a little better:
Five Facts

1. Last book you bought/ordered?

Anne: I preordered Linger a few weeks ago from the Book Depo. It wasn’t released until the 20th (even though it had been moved up), so I still haven’t gotten it!!! :(

Cara:  I actually had a buying spree (Well, it was a spree to me.) and bought Linger, The Alchemyst, & The Secret Hour. Alright, so it's technically not a spree.

Nomes: The Body Finder. Pre-order, paperback. Now, I’m suddenly noticing everyone raving and November feels like a crazy way away.

2. Favourite snack to eat while reading?

Anne: Anything. I don’t typically eat while reading unless its a really good book.

Cara: Anything within arm's reach that doesn't move when I poke it.

Nomes: Chips are the ultimate. Chupa-chups, mmm. Never chocolate - too risky for the hallowed pages.

3. Favourite childhood book

Anne: When I was little, I loved Babar and Angelina Ballerina. Then I moved on to Magic Tree House, Junie B. Jones, etc.

Cara: Are You My Mother? Seriously, that book rocks. I made my mom read it to me every night until I was six. She hated it. (;

Nomes: My dad used to read Little Black Sambo to me like he was auditioning for an Academy award. I was a Blyton-aholic and tried to be cool by reading lots of TinTin around my big brother and his mates.

4. Favourite comfort re-read

Anne: Any Harry Potter. Or Percy Jackson... Or Beautiful Creatures. Or any other book I love.

Cara: The Mortal Instruments series. I love the characters so much that I slip right back into the story every time. Also, The Sky is Everywhere.

Nomes: Jaclyn Moriarty’s Finding Cassie Crazy (The Year of secret Assignments). It’s like a drug, that book.

5. First literary crush

Anne:... None that pop into mind...

Cara: I’ll admit it, Jasper from Twilight. God he’s so angsty.

Nomes: confessions of a past seven year old... Julian from the Famous Five. I know, hindsight clearly shows Dick’s the spunkiest brother :)

Fast Five

1. Pirates or ninjas?

Anne: Ninjas. You don’t even know they’re there until you’re dead! How awesome is that??!!

Cara: Seriously? Ninjas are made of win, while pirates walk about making chainsaw noises.

Nomes: Pirates. Ninja’s prance about in poncy outfits and their stealth has nothing on a swash-buckling treasure-hunting lifestyle.

2. Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Armageddon?

Anne: Zombie Apocolypse. Aliens usually come in peace.

Cara: Zombie Apocalypse! You could not have picked a more perfect question if you pulled it out of my head. I literally own a Zombie Apocalypse survival guide. It's gonna happen.

Nomes: Zombieeeesss. I will create my own sisterhood. You can join me. Conditions apply.

3. Gale or Peeta?

Anne:  Never read them! (I know, I know. I’m a disgrace! Hahahahaha! I’ll read them soon!)

Cara:  I say, "Down with Dough Boy!" Nah, Peeta's okay. Gale's just better. (;

Nomes: Peeta sulks. Gale broods. Brooding wins out any day.  

4. Flight or invisibilty?

Anne: I want both! Flight would be best, though.

Cara:  Invisibility. Do you realize how much fun I could have? [insert evil laugh here]

Nomes: Flight. Also, kinda wishing teleportation or time-travel was an option.

5. Rough it out camping or 5 star hotel?

Anne: 5 star hotel all the way.

Cara: I’d go Harry Potter camping. Ya know, where the tent is the size of a mansion?

Nomes: Camping! There’s something about a campfire that makes even the stupidest conversations somehow noble and profound.

Second: We're starting a meme! *throws even more confetti*

Hi5 is a weekly meme hosted by all three of us. Basically, we'll post our top five of something every Saturday. Every Friday we'll post the next day's topic and anyone who wants to participate can put their link in the Mr. Linky on any of our sites. Sound interesting? I hope so! This week's topic is: top five titles that you're crushing on. I hope you guys decide to participate! Here's the graphic!:

Pretty sweet, right?

I think that's it for now, have a great weekend everybody!

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