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I have a WINNER!

First off, I have to thank everyone who entered and followed because of this contest. I hope you enjoy my blog enough to stay for a while! (: I received over 130 entries, and chose entry number 71! Yay!

Now, I'll tell you who entry #71 is....

Any minute now....

Congrats to Liz A. from Consumed by Books!!


I'm sending you an email right now! You have two days to respond before I pick one of the other lovely people who entered. I hope you enjoy everything!

For those poor souls that haven't won anything this time, don't fret! I have another contest coming up next month where I'm giving away more free stuff!*

Thanks again for entering my contest!

*Let's face it, it doesn't matter what I give away. Everyone loves free stuff!

"I'm Not Saying Goodbye"-A Rocket to the Moon,