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We now return you to the scheduled post:

One of my favorite things, besides books of course, is music. But you've probably already figured this out from looking at the bottom of my posts. I've decided to compile a list of my favorite song/scene/character/book match-ups, & why I think they relate to each other. Yay! Lol, I don't know if any of you lovely people will care to read this, but for those who brave it...I wish you luck--it takes much perseverance to navigate through my ramblings. Also, before I begin, I wanted to reiterate the fact that I'm looking for affiliates! If anyone wants to know more about that just go over here.

  • If Only They Knew by A Rocket to the Moon--The Mortal Instruments series. This song, my friends, sums up every relationship in TMI. Seriously. Listen to it, then picture your favorite pairing, whether it be Jace/Clary, Alec/Magnus*, Simon/Clary, Isabelle/Simon/Maia, Alec/Jace, Luke/Jocelyn, Valentine/Jocelyn, Church/Chairman Meow. Honestly, it's like the romantic essence of this series was injected into Nick Santino then came out his mouth. I love this song & series so hard, and they go perfectly together!

"And you're so damn lonely when you're on my mind."-This may quite possibly be my favorite line in a song...ever. It also really depicts the way the characters in The Mortal Instruments see their respective love interests.

  • Take My Hand by The Cab--Gale {from The Hunger Games series} throughout the first book. This is practically a transcription of what I believe Gale would be thinking from the first scene of the book through the choosing of tributes. Basically that whole day.
"Said they wanted change
I hope that you remain the same,
to show that this is not a game.
Let's end this tragedy today."-Dear God,
if you've don't think this fits...we've
read different books. (:

  • Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson--The Sky is Everywhere. --I really adore the voice in The Sky is Everywhere. Lennie breathes, dances, laughs, & comes to life while you read, and I think this song pretty much sums Lennie's emotions up throughout the book.
"...I just want to be okay today...
...I just want to feel something today...
Open me up & you will see.
I'm a gallery of broken hearts."-To me,
this is just so Lennie.

  • Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars--Looking For Alaska. --This screams Pudge during the After section of the book, in my opinion. I'm really trying to stay spoiler free here {as those who've read CoG can see by looking at my suggested couples for the TMI series}, so I'll just say this: Pudge is so hopeful & sad & angry & everything 'After'. He breaks my heart & so does this song. If we were talking about alternate universe!Pudge, then I might actually be able to picture him singing this.
"I know you're somewhere out there,

Somewhere far away
I want you back
I want you back
My neighbors think
I'm crazy
But they don't understand,
You're all I have
You're all I have" --Oh Pudge!

  • Animal by Neon Trees--The Demon's Covenant {Book 2 of The Demon's Lexicon series}. --Oh my goodness. Anyone who's read the second book knows what scene this relates to & which characters. I ship them with all of my little fangirl heart, have from the beginning. I'm sorry for those who haven't read these. It's just impossible not to spoil you.
"Here we are again 
I feel the chemicals kickin' in 
It's gettin' heavier 
I wanna run and hide 
I wanna run and hide 

I do it every time 
You're killin' me now 
And I won't be denied by you 
The animal inside of you."--Oh jeebus.

I hope you all enjoyed this post of randomness. I received some great feedback on my post about my favorite YA book boys, so that definitely made me feel better about putting up some more ramblings. But I still have to ask: Do you guys like these posts, or would you rather just see reviews all the time?

*My personal favorite. I loves me some Malec! XD

No song this time--listen to the ones in the post!,