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Once Upon a Readathon Challenge!

For my first and only challenge for this readathon {I have been BUSY these past couple days} I will be participating in the challenge at Wicked Awesome Books!

Basically the goal is to set up two characters from two different YA books. Which I love doing. A lot. I actually have a post about doing just that. I still stand by all of my choices in said post and therefore am stealing my number one.

Nick Ryves {Demon's Lexicon trilogy}


Alaska Young {Looking for Alaska}

Can you picture it? Can you? Aren't they perfectly imperfect for each other? I just think their personalities would clash wonderfully and we all know in YA yelling, fighting, arguing = passionately in love with each other. So there you have it! That's my pick.

Who would you put together?

"My Friends Over You"-New Found Glory,