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Once Upon a Readathon wrap-up

My first ever readathon is now over and I can't help but be disappointed in myself. Usually much of my day is spent reading. I read like, all the time. So I thought having a big TBR list was no sweat. I go through books like nothing. Except I kind of had a social life this week. Between college admissions calls , actually seeing my friends and *le gasp* going outside I haven't had all that much time to read. Also, the TBR list was daunting for me and really made me want to read less. I mean, it felt like I was giving myself summer reading. Yikes. So I have to say that I loved the whole idea of a readathon, but they just really don't seem like the thing for me.

Anyway, the stats:

Books started>

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
Hunger by Michael Grant

Books finished>

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Total pages read>


So yeah, that's my first, and last for at least a while, readathon wrap-up. Do you enjoy readathons? How many do you do annually on average? Let me know!

"Howlin' for You"-The Black Keys,