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Top Ten Protags. That Rule My World {dude edition}

Hi, I'm Cara. And I'm in love with lists.
They are nifty.
And organized-like.
And easy for my easily distracted mind to keep track of.
But, they're always a cool way to talk about bookish things I like. Which is exactly what I'm going to do.
Once a week, hopefully, I'll be posting a new list of _____.
This week's theme is a top ten list of my favorite male protagonists in YA.
{Just to clarify, for all intents and purposes male protagonist to me means: male YA character who has all or a large part of a book told from his perspective. Had to add some limitations or the list would be Top 100 instead. Sad I can't include Puck and St. Clair though!}

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10.} Harry Potter

Where to find him: The Harry Potter series
Why so special?>
It's Harry Potter. He's a WIZARD. Need I really say more here people?

9.} Thomas

Where to find him: The Maze Runner series
Why so special?>
Thomas. How do I describe Thomas? Thomas is awkward. Thomas kicks some serious Griever ass. Thomas thinks your cute. He's an honest character. I love reading a book and thinking, "I can completely picture this person in my head." And Thomas is one of the most realistic protagonists this side of the Mississippi.

8.} Percy Jackson

Why so special?>
For about a year and a half I had a slightly unhealthy obsession with the Percy Jackson series. It's an Epic Journey series {love me some epic journeys} and throughout the books Percy grows and learns and we, as readers, learn with him. I absolutely love the adventures he and his crew {did I really just write 'crew'?} go on and loved seeing Percy as well as all of the other characters develop over the series.

7.} Benny Imura

Where to find him: The Benny Imura series
Why so special?>
First of all he's in a book about zombies. If you've been following my blog for a little while you'll know I have an intense obsession with zombies. Blogging commandment #2: Thou shalt never turn thy nose up at thee books of zombie. Well, that would be #2 if I had any blogging commandments. #1 would be: Thou shalt never attempt to blog whilst Pirates of the Carribean ist on thy television. I'm breaking that one right now.

ANYWAY, Benny is one awesome protag. He's a smart kid who's also pretty damn brave. At first he was a smug little idiot, but his character developed and grew into the person I wanted to cheer on. Bravo, Jonathan Maberry. I love your book.

6.} Clay Jenkins

Where to find him: Thirteen Reasons Why
Why so special?>
The fact that when I saw Clay was next I squealed, "Aw, CLAY," says more than anything, me thinks. Clay is just plain sweet, which is rare these days in YA. Most novels I've read lately have a dark, mysterious bad boy. Which isn't bad when done right, but just because a character likes arson, kicking puppies, or whatever other morbid hobby doesn't mean he is swoon worthy. Case in point: Clay. He is a nice guy. Like, genuinely nice. And that makes him different and worthy of my love.

5.} Cole St. Clair

Why so special?>
*le sigh* Cole St. Clair. Mm mm mm. I love me some Cole St. Clair. He completely fits my "Fictional People I Would Stalk {in a totes non-creepy way}" guidelines: A.) He's pretty. We all know that counts for something. 2.) He's a musician. With a tortured soul. Tortured soul is optional. C.) He's got snark running through his veins.

4.} Nick Ryves

Where to find him: The Demon's Lexicon trilogy
Why so special?>
Nick's not the typical bad boy with a deeply hidden heart that makes tween girls across the globe fan themselves. He really doesn't care about anyone for the most part. And I respect that. I appreciate blunt honesty in the real world and in the books I read, so The Demon's Lexicon was very refreshing. I can see reasons why some may be put off by him: he shows no remorse, finds fun in threatening people to the point of peeing their pants, and he's violently angry basically all the time. But those are the reasons I love him. Because he doesn't put up a front like most people, real or imagined.

3.} All of John Green's MCs

Why so special?>
Miles "Pudge" Halter, Colin Singleton, Quentin Jacobsen and Will Grayson. Let's face it, they all have much in common. They're awkward, nerdy, mildly attractive teenage boys. But I adore them all. They're funny, clever, endearing, and play off the other characters wonderfully. John Green knows how to write a realistic protagonist.

2.} Jonathan {does he even have a last name?}

Where to find him: Adios, Nirvana
Why so special?>
Jonathan's voice is so distinct in Adios, Nirvana. I felt I was truly inside his head throughout the novel. He became a friend for the time being and I became one of his "Thicks." I can't not like his character because it feels like by saying that I'm saying I don't like one of my friends. I feel like I know him. A truly stunning YA voice.

1.} Cassel Sharpe>

Where to find him: The Curse Workers series
Why so special?>
Cassel Sharpe is the HBIC, okay? He can do no wrong in my book. I am a card-wielding member of the Cassel Sharpe fan club. Hell, I'm probably the president. He is a BAMF and all other acronyms and initialisms that pertain to high levels of badassery. He is pretty and smart and funny and broken and mending and trying to be a good person in a family of selfish individuals with hidden agendas. Guh, my weak fangirl heart. I don't think I can even begin to describe how much I love this character. I met Holly Black once right after White Cat was released and I literally just rambled on and on to her about Cassel's ability to make me weak in the knees. I think I scared her a bit. But alas, Cassel is the greatest and if you haven't read the series you are missing out.
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So, who are your favorite YA male protags.? Feel free to leave a comment with your faves or even make your own blog post and link to it. I wanna see who you all love!

Happy Monday!

"Blindsided"-Bon Iver,