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What draws you to a book?

The title basically says it all. I want to know what draws you to a book. What catches your eyes, what makes you need to read something reallyreallyreally badly.

I've been thinking about the topic since a recent trip to my local bookstore a few weeks ago. I was meandering around {Yes, I just used the word meandering. Yes, I am under 80.} and eventually made my way to the YA section. A girl approached while I was standing there, took a cursory glance at the shelves. Then she paused in front of a book, looked at the cover for a few moments, and bought it on the spot. I was baffled. I take so much time to choose a book, and this girl just came up, saw a shiny cover and had made her choice?! The horror!

So now I'm wondering what your system is like. How do you select your next book. I have a time tested method:

  • First, I take a look around all of the shelves, scanning, looking for things that catch my eye.
  • The second time through I take my time to look at all of the titles I haven't seen before. I'm big on the titles, love love love interesting titles. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is one of my favorites right now.
  • After I've seen some titles that sound promising, I pick those up and read summaries.
  • If I like a synopsis, then I pick a comfy seat and settle in to read at least the first chapter.
  • From there I narrow it down to anywhere between one and three books depending on how much I'm willing to spend that day. And yay! Books chosen!
So, what say'st thou? What draws you to a book? How do you make your pick?  Let me know!

"Love Like A Sunset Part I"-Phoenix,