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Mini Reviews! {the witchy edition}:

Sometimes I get backed up with books I need to review. This means that some books I want to review fall to the wayside. Mini reviews usually consist of two to four books I don't remember enough details from for full reviews. Basically, they help me recommend books I've read but haven't had time to review!
Spellbound by Cara Lynn Schultz:
Spellbound. I really don't know what to say about Spellbound. It definitely isn't for everyone. I don't think it was completely for me. It's a cute and at times dramatic paranormal romance. The characters were well-developed and interesting. The banter between them all was pretty good. I liked the paranormal element. Honestly, I believe I just read this at the wrong time. I'd just read a string of paranormal romances, most of which had a "together through eternity" romantic theme. By the time I got to Spellbound I was exasperated.

I can definitely see many readers falling in love with Spellbound and it's charm. It's overall a nice story and I expect a lot from Schultz in the future.

P.S. Absolutely hated the epilogue/last few pages. I read an eGalley, so who knows if it'll be included, but alas.

I'd recommend it for> Fans of paranormal romance and backstory heavy novels, tweens.


Witch Song by Amber Argyle:
I was surprised by how much I adored this book. I'm usually not one for kingdom/princess stories outside of fairytales and Disney, but Witch Song won me over completely. The MC, Senna, has been added to my list of "Kickass Chicks I Have a Slight Girlcrush On." And let me tell you, it's tough to get on that list.

Within pages I was drawn into the world of magic Argyle had created. The plot was interesting and believable, the characters tough, and the action constantly progressing. If there's no sequel to Witch Song I will be seriously irked! {Also, I'll be 80-years-old apparently. Who says 'irked'? I guess I do...}

I'd recommend it for> Those who enjoy high fantasy adventure books with badass heroines and singing. Lots and lots of singing.


Happy Thursday!

P.S. I'm sorry these reviews lack the funny. My funny does not come out of hiding unless my reviews are at least four paragraphs in length. ;)

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