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Teaser Tuesday! (1)

Teaser Tuesday is hosted by MizB over @ Should be Reading. Check out her blog to get the rules! There's no way I can just share two lines, so most of these will probably more like paragraphs.
"The red-tinged air was full of the smell of burning, the night split by shrieks and screams. Doors opened all up and down the rows of houses-people were darting out of them, then stopping dead as they saw the streets filled with monsters."
-City of Glass- Cassandra Clare; pg. 227
I'm currently re-reading City of Glass, and simultaneously re-discovering how much I love Cassandra Clare's world. It's amazing how even though I know what will happen I'm still worried for everyone! These books are brilliant and I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't read them. Plus, then you can stare at this yummy cover all day. (;

"Vuvuzelas"-The People of the World Cup,