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I need help!

I have a dilemma, lovely people! I need advice, I need guidance, and I need suggestions. See, the problem at hand is that I:
 A) Despise my blog name. I literally could not think of one thing. I didn't even know what I would be reviewing when I made my blog!
 B) I still can't think of anything to change my name to. This poses a problem...
 C) I already have a separate e-mail account and all that jazz set up for this name. It's not a big deal to make new stuff, but a lot of people I've contacted only know me by that name.

So you see my dilemma. Do I change my blog name? If so, what the hell do I change it to?! I've been brainstorming* and have come up with a few ideas if I do decide to change my name. They are *drum roll*:
 1) The Cara Chronicles {I really just love the word 'chronicles'...and also alliteration.}
 2) Across the Page {I got this from the T.E. Lawrence quote: "I loved you, so I wrote my will across the sky in stars." Get it? Across the PAGE, page makes it bookish. Yeah? Alright, moving on.}
 3) Chasing Words {I don't really know what's going on with this one, but I like it.}
Now, dear followers, I turn to you. First question: Do I change my name at all? If you say yes to that: What should I change it to? Any of the ones I've come up with, or maybe something you've thought up but haven't gotten to use? Any help is much appreciated!

*Also known as staring blankly at my computer screen hoping some brilliant idea just pops into my head. It's not a very reliable method...