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Hello, hello. Earlier today I'd gotten my wisdom teeth pulled, which means I can can't do anything but sit on the couch and I also that I now have time to catch up on some things, including giving awards!

This first award was giving to me by the lovely Linna @ 21 Pages quite a while ago, so I apologize for not acknowledging the fact until now. I definitely didn't forget and appreciate it dearly!

I'm passing it on to the following fantastic people:

Yay! You're all fantastic people and deserve this immensely!


Also, recently, I was given an award by Bookaholic @ Bookaholic Oye!! Thanks so much for that!

This one comes with rules...ooooh.
1)  Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award. (check)
2) Share seven things about yourself...

1. I'm kind of said that I've lost my wisdom teeth, because the name makes it sound like they gave me great knowledge. *sighs* The world may never know.
2. My willpower dissolves at sweets and shiny things. My mom had to keep a tight leash on me as a child.*
3. One of my favorite things is the sky just before a big storm comes.
4. It's my mission to make 1,000 paper cranes. Just because I want to.
5. After finding out that after the black belt in karate you test to become a ninja, this has become another mission of mine.
6. I'm addicted to MLIA and we heart it. Seriously...ADDICTED.
7. I will forever be trying to convince people of the fact that Batman is the greatest superhero of all time. I have already converted Staysi, and will continue one person at a time. (:

3) Pass this along to fifteen bloggers...

This is hard for me seeing as how I'm still new and don't know that many bloggers! Alas, I will try!

McKenzie @ The Book Owl
 bclement412 @ Abyss
Everyone @ Oasis for YA
Kirthi @ Pages

I can't think of anyone else right now, so...I'm going to try something new.  The first four people who comment on this post, and haven't already been awarded anything in this post, will get the award and be added to the list and linked back to.

*A figurative leash, not those creepy real ones that make parents look like they're walking their children.

"The General Specific"- Band of Horses,