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Behind the Blog: Jessica @ A Fanatic's Book Blog! (1)

Behind the Blog is for all intents and purposes simply interviews with some fellow book bloggers. I interview blog owners and figure out what's "behind the blog." *wink wink, nudge* Also, I like alliteration and couldn't think of a better title. Enjoy!

For my first Behind the Blog 'segment' thing, I've asked three bloggers the same questions. Mostly generic ones, some random. It's, in my opinion, always interesting to see how people's answers of the same questions differ. First up is Jessica from A Fanatic's Book Blog!

Okay, first why don't you introduce yourself and your blog?
Hi everyone! My name is Jessica and I run A Fanatic's Book Blog. It's a modge-podge blog that covers all kind of books from pretty much all across the spectrum! What can I say? I'm a bibliophile at heart, and that means no good book goes unread.
{I love that word, modge-podge. Modge-podge modge-podge modge-podge.}

Why did you start blogging in the first place and what do you hope to accomplish from blogging?
I first started blogging in general to gripe. Oh come on, am I the only one? Blogging is a great way to get out frustration! Then I stumbled upon book blogging and completely fell in love. A place to share my love of books? HUZZAH! From this blog I hope to accomplish spreading the book love! Oh and if someone stumbled upon me who'd like me to review for them as a living, I'd love that too ;).
{I like how you snuck that last part in there. (:}

Were you always a reader?
Ever since I was old enough to understand the words on the page, yes indeed!

Was there ever any book that sparked your interest in reading?
I wouldn't say there was any one book persay. My mom would buy us those Scholastic Summer Reading Packs while we were on break and I read through them (and everything else I could get my hands on) like crazy. 

I do remember that the first book I completely fell in love with was The Phantom Tollbooth. A land where people literally eat their words? Amazing. I still love that book! Sadly I lent my copy out a long time ago and it is lost, but I'm still determined to get a new one to replace it so I can dive back in.

What's your favorite part of being a book blogger?
Definitely having the power of opinion. Sure, I can share my love of a certain book with a friend, but blogging allows such a wider range! If I love a book, I can sing its praises and more than just my immediate friends will hear it. It's amazing.

Can you tell us three random facts about yourself?
  1. Hmmm.....I'm terrified of the outside dark (inside is fine). {I'm the opposite!}
  2. Every year in July I go to YMCA camp as a counselor and love it! 
  3. People say I have a separate stomach for sweets. I can be completely full at dinner and then someone offers me ice cream and...well...I must eat it!
Okay, now the necessary stranded island question: One book, which is it?
Only one? Okay then I choose Phantom Tollbooth! Wait...were's my copy? DANG IT! Okay, I choose The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. My love for that book is only surpassed by my love of chocolate.

Now it's time for the random questions! *blows vuvuzela*
YES! I love random. Shoot.

Guilty pleasure?
Cartoons. Love 'em. Yes, yes I know I'm 25 years old. So? I use the excuse that I work with kids and it helps me bond with them. Yeah, we'll go with that.

Favorite movie?
The Emperor's New Groove! I've watched it more times than I can count and my boyfriend groans out loud every time I pull it off the shelf. Llama FACE!

Favorite cartoon character?
Definitely Patrick Star. If only we could all flit through life so blissfully unaware. Plus sometimes I do feel like I live under a rock!

The most important of all: Favorite superhero?
Batman! He has the coolest gadgets ever. Besides, who wouldn't want to ride around in the Batmobile?
{Nice choice! I sometimes wonder why other superheroes even exist.}

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, any last words?
Haunch...oh and flippant.

Just teasing! I'm in a crazy mood. Thanks for having me Cara!

Thanks once again to Jessica! I'll be putting the next Behind the Blog up sometime next week in which I interview Shalena from Writer Quirk!

"One"-Vampire Weekend,