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Question time!

Today I was sitting at my hair salon and Teresa, the hairdresser, said something that made me think. We were talking books, of course, and this is basically how our conversation went:

Her: I want one of those ereader things, they look cool.
Me: Nah, I could never. I love the smell of books-I mean I just love books.
Her: Are you going to be a librarian?
Me: No way, I don't have the patience. I do like live at libraries though.
Her: Oh honey, I'm sorry to say but before your forty there probably won't be anymore libraries.
Me: *shocked stare that she exhibited such blasphemous behavior*
Her: You won't even be able to get books soon.
Me: *falls over, dies*

You can now see why I was so disturbed. No LIBRARIES. No BOOKS. I thought, " There are too many book lovers in the world, this could never happen." Followed by, "BUT, what about all of these ereader-thing-a-ma-jigs that people are fawning over. Not to mention iPads." I don't know what to think anymore. So, I leave the question to you... Do you think that sometime in your lifetime libraries will be obsolete, possibly even books altogether? If this did happen what would you do? I sure as hell would sit in my local library until they pried the books from my cold dead hands, but what about you? Can you even see the possibilty of no more libraries, or do you think there are enough book enthusiasts to keep them around for at least 50 more years?

Speak your mind,