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Summer Reading Woes

This past week I've been battling an internal struggle whether to share a part of myself with the world that I previously had kept hidden. To spill or not to spill...that was the question. Well, my lovely readers, I've decided to share something with you all and I hope you will continue to read my blog even after you learn of this horrible truth.


*deep breaths*


I sit at Barnes & Noble and read books and then leave without buying anything!

*hides face in shame*

Okay, melodramatics aside I am quite embarrassed of this fact, mi amigos! I'm definitely one of those people who are all, "if you love a book, buy it and support the author damn it!" But guess what? I'm 17. And I need a car real bad. Which means all extra cash goes into Cara's Car    Four wheels and an engine are fine    Four wheels are optional, I can Flintstone it    If it runs I'm cool   Fund. Which means my book funds are non-existant right now.

Which means I sit on the children's stage in Barnes & Noble for hours at a time devouring as many books as I can before closing time. Don't get me wrong, I have a HUGE TBR pile sitting on my bookshelf at home and my local library is pretty well stocked. But there's always a new (or newish) book that I Have To Read Right Now Or My Life Will Cease To Matter.

Which means I am half-way through THE DUFF by Kody Keplinger and am going all kinds of kooky waiting to read what happens next. I sort of look like this:

So I guess my question is: am I a bad blogger for not waiting until I can purchase these books I'm loving, or waiting for my library to stock them, instead of reading them in my local bookstore?

"A Walk Through Hell"-Say Anything,