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Teaser Tuesday! (6)

Teaser Tuesday is hosted by MizB over @ Should be Reading. Check out her blog to get the rules! There's no way I can just share two lines, so most of these will probably more like paragraphs.

This week's teaser is from Rules to Rock By by Josh Farrar!

Abuela had always been big on getting tears out of your system. She said you needed to cry to put out the fires in your life, and that when you stopped you could take a look at what had burned down, and what hadn't. So I just cried for a minute or two. Abuela was probably the only person in the world who I'd let see me like that. I knew it wouldn't change the way she looked at me, so it didn't matter. I just cried it out.
-pg. 72 ARC

I love this scene because it's truly the first time we see Annabelle open up. She's always mad or nostalgic about her past life as a rockstar. Her relationship with her grandmother is really the only connection that matters much to her anymore, the only thing she can't lose. Rules to Rock By is really just a fun leaning-towards-middle-grade novel so far, but this little peek at depth gives it an edge on the other novels with similar themes. I'm really liking it so far!

So, where's YOUR Teaser Tuesday? I want to see it! Leave a link in the comments and I will definitely stop by your blog.

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