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Oh Dear God, my handwriting...

The first time I did this, I decided to use a Sharpie pen (which was fine, I LOVE those pens) and write on both sides... Obviously my words were then transformed into a jumbled mess of 'no one is going to have any friggin' idea what that says'. So after my do-over this here is my final product (after the rules):

1. Name/Blog Name. 

2. Right handed, left handed or both? 

3. Favorite letters to write? 

4. Least favorite letters to write? 

5. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 

6. Write in caps: 






7. Favorite song lyrics? 

8. Tag 7 people. 

9. Any special note or drawing? 

As you can see my artistic talents are plentiful. Right... This was fun! If you can't make out who was tagged you're all down here:

Have fun!

"The Brightest Green"-Anarbor,