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New Bloggers!

Think is pretty ironic, seeing as how I'm very new myself, but I've decided to post about two bloggers who are even newer than myself, and would love some support!

First, we have Julie from The Paradise Library, who happens to be a friend of Staysi and I in the real world. Yes, a world does exist outside of the internet my friends, it's shocking I know. Anyways! Julie has recently started up a blog and I would owe you all greatly if you'd check it out!

Also, a fellow teen writer, Alex, has a great blog up over here, where he writes about being a young novelist and what that entails. His first post is up, so go check it out and comment with your thoughts!

In other random news, Staysi and I will be announcing our prizes for this contest we've been working on for... too long. I promise, this time I'm serious. If I don't announce them before May 21st I'll... go within five feet of the crazy goose from hell that's been stalking me for the past few weeks. That's a big step, because I'm freaking terrified of any type of bird. See lovely followers, I DO care, facing an insane animal for you. All in a day's work. (c:

Stay away from stalker-birds,