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Character Connection! (3)

Character Connection is a weekly meme hosted by The Introverted Reader! It's dedicated to bringing the characters we love to the blogging world and showing their true colors. (This is also in no way just another way for me to rant about how much I love certain characters and want to pull them out of the book and go on wild adventures together. Nope, no way.) Anyway, read at your own risk!
This week's Character Connection is dedicated to Angel from the Maximum Ride series! *Some spoilers will be included, so if you can't stand to know anything about the series before you read, then don't continue reading. You'll just be torturing yourself later. While this youngin' is only six- or seven depending on which book you're on- years-old, she can kick your behind to next Tuesday if she wanted to.

Though Angel isn't my favorite character, she's the one person from the flock that truly scares me. She's just too BA for her own good, and I'm completely serious when I say that. Throughout the books, she seems to develop a new skill every week. This leaves me going, "She has gills?!" "She can communicate with fish?!" "She can transform?!" Add to this the wings and mind-reading/control thing that she already has going, and Angel is the most terrifying first-grader I've ever heard of. The good thing is that she mostly uses these 'gifts' for good, and even more often to help the flock survive.

My only problem is if she ever has a tantrum, the world might implode... literally. Also, I'm convinced that she is a secretly very evil little girl. All in all, Angel is very interesting and very well-developed, though this hardly makes her predictable. The next James Patterson novel is titled Angel after her character, so some more Angel drama is sure to come!

Be happy,
P.S. Once again credit goes to burdge-bug for her lovely artwork!