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Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater!

Overall Rating: 4.1
Characters: 3.8
Plot: 4
Cover Art: 4.2
YA Fiction

Favorite Line:
"World of words lost on the living, I take my place with the walking dead. Robbed of my voice I'm always giving, thousands of words to this nameless dread."- Sam Roth's lyrics


Every summer Sam spends a few precious months being human, until the cold causes him to shift to a wolf once again. Discover what happens when he meets Grace in this chilling romance.

Shiver is a fantasy for the hopeless romantic...                                                                                                         
Werewolves and feelings and lyrics, oh my! Whether you're a romance fanatic or a werewolf obsessor, you'll find something that draws you to this story. If you come for the wolf-men, you'll end up staying for the very intense love story that unfolds between Grace and Sam. In the beginning, Grace actually comes off slightly creepy to me. She seems to be completely engrossed in Sam's wolf form 24/7. Her character seems uninterested in anything else, and rather dull until Sam comes along and almost literally brings her to life. Usually I don't like male characters that are, for lack of better words, 'mushy' all the time, but Sam is different. He has such a kind soul and love for life while human that I dare someone to try to hate him, seriously, I dare you. Sam and Grace balance each other out to make a couple that you can't wait to hear more about. Like the high school sweethearts that seem perfect and you secretly want to something to happen to them. The 'test' of Sam and Grace's relationship comes in the form of Sam's struggle for the impossible, to remain human. This major hiccup + the 'Jack drama' = one serious page-turner. I think that the drama is spaced out and paced nicely to keep the book interesting without turning it into a soap opera. I really enjoyed Shiver and would recommend it to anyone with a well stocked supply of tissues!