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So as you may know, Staysi from Lost In Ink, our friend Jenny, & I headed into the city for the 2nd annual NYC Teen Author Festival. It was fantastic, & I urge everyone to try and make it to next year's because it was an awe-inspiring experience. We had a little trouble getting there (darn GPS), but we eventually made it into the city. Once we got there, some people *cough STAYSI cough* wanted to go shopping and me being the worry wart that I am had us on a very tight time schedule. We did make it on time, after a few trips around town and one very disgusting bathroom visit that no one needs details about. Everyone was so nice and friendly and I met a lot of great people, including many of my favorite authors! I posted the pictures from today & a brief summary of what we talked about with each author for those who want to (or are bored enough) to check it out. Enjoy!

*Just FYI I'm in the sweet Run DMC shirt, & Staysi is the lovely girl in the white skirt. :)

Libba Bray: My initial reaction was "Holy crap I'm meeting Libba Bray!!!" Then, I gained my composure and we had a nice conversation where I praised her and she said that she liked my shirt. She was wearing a Green Day t-shirt & decided we were the only ones who got the memo about the band t-shirt dress code.

Maggie Stiefvater: The line to meet her was LONG, but it was okay because it's Maggie Stiefvater. She signed our books and asked what our favorite parts were. She also promised more lyrics from Sam in Linger to which I smiled, a lot.

Susane Colasanti: She was so cool, and didn't mind taking pictures even though her signing time was over. She was also dead set on getting a picture all of us approved of. :)
David Levithan: I was so excited to meet this man I couldn't even process, he was very nice and wrote a very cute message in my book.

Gayle Forman: She was so cute and appreciated that we both like old school things.

Elizabeth Eulberg: Again, VERY nice. We discussed how hard it is to spell some names, & she told me how she once misspelled someone's and felt horrible about it.
Elizabeth Scott: We caught her as she was helping hand out author name tags so we didn't get to talk to her about much, but she had no problem stopping to take some pictures with us.
Lisa Ann Sandell: She was so sweet and actually asked us to send her the picture! (I've really been looking forward to reading A Map of the Known World, so I was extra excited to meet her!)

Lynn Weingarten: She was so excited that I bought her book, that she made me want to buy multiple copies! Our conversation basically consisted of me thanking her for signing my book & her thanking me for buying her book.

Jake Wizner: This man is my new idol. Besides finding a way to use the word castration in the title of his book, he's also hilarious and very nice. Books of Wonder sold out of the five copies of Castration Celebration, & when I told him this he sent an employee to go find some. He then joked about who should get blamed for only having five copies in stock. They thankfully found a few copies & I was able to get one signed!

We also met Cathleen Davitt Bell (Slipping), who told us about her newest book Little Blog on the Prairie. The story follows Gen, a girl who is sent to frontier history family camp. She secretly texts her friends & tells them of all the adventures at the camp. One of her friends starts a blog & narrates Gen's journey. Soon, the blog goes viral & the rest is history. Little Blog on the Prairie comes out this May, but the blog is already live! Check out the blog based on the book here.