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Castration Celebration by Jake Wizner

Overall Rating: 4.4
Characters: 4.1
Plot: 4
Cover Art: 4.6 [I love the creepy jumping people who look like they've been drugged, and of course the huge gaudy font used for the title.]

Favorite Line:
"Let's Do a Little Shakepeare"- Last song in Castration Celebration

*WARNING: This story contains many conversations with um... sexual origins.

It’s High School Musical— rated R ! When the girl who’s foresworn men meets the boy who’s devoted himself to picking up women, there’s bound to be drama—perfect for a sixweek summer program devoted to the arts. Olivia’s summer goal: to write a musical that censures men with wandering eyes. Max’s summer goal: to hone his acting skills, along with his talent for attracting the ladies. Before camp is over, they’ll perform Olivia’s musical onstage and in real life—though the ending may turn out differently than either expects. Jake Wizner’s story within a story takes the battle of the sexes to a whole new level in a bawdy, uproarious romp that’s laugh-out-loud fun.

Castration Celebration is a feel good tale that details why sometimes castration is the best answer...
I won't lie to you, my dear followers, by saying that I picked this book up because I thought it would lead me to the meaning of life. It sounded funny and I like funny books, who can blame me? Anyway, I'm very happy I did decide to read this because I loved it! The characters are hilarious and the story isn't packed full of action every second which makes seeing the progression of the characters throughout the book much more enjoyable. It's hard for me at least to get to know a character when every five pages there's another life or death situation. One of the best things about Celebration is the story within the story, Olivia's musical. The musical parallels her life at the time she's writing it complete with dramatic counterparts of everyone she encounters at Yale. It's interesting to see so deeply inside Olivia's head through her writing. We get to see how events affect her and how she wants things to work out. Another thing I love about this book is the honesty. It really is High School Musical when the cameras aren't rolling. The ups and downs Max, Olivia, and the whole gang face while discovering a little more about the difference in the way guys and girls think of the opposite sex is mostly full of laughs, but there is no shortage of drama. Jake Wizner is an awesome guy who can bring humor to any story and I highly recommend Castration Celebration to you all!