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Review: Past Perfect by Leila Sales!

Summary: All Chelsea wants to do this summer is hang out with her best friend, hone her talents as an ice cream connoisseur, and finally get over Ezra, the boy who broke her heart. But when Chelsea shows up for her summer job at Essex Historical Colonial Village (yes, really), it turns out Ezra’s working there too. Which makes moving on and forgetting Ezra a lot more complicated…even when Chelsea starts falling for someone new.

Maybe Chelsea should have known better than to think that a historical reenactment village could help her escape her past. But with Ezra all too present, and her new crush seeming all too off limits, all Chelsea knows is that she’s got a lot to figure out about love. Because those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it….
♥ Favorite Line(s):
S&S hath banned me from sharing until the release date, but I'll make sure to add them in later. Plenty of snort-worthy one liners, my friends.

My thoughts:
Past Perfect, AKA The Book That Made Me Actually Beg My Parents To Take Me To A Reenactment Village While On Vacation:
Seriously. I begged. To go to a reenactment village. Because of this book. If that doesn't tell you how awesome it is, I have no idea what will.

After finishing Past Perfect my friend and I had an interesting conversation. Mainly about the fact that I didn't want to even like this book but ended up loving it.

"Why Cara *le gasp* how can you say that you didn't want to like a book? The blasphemy!"

I know. Seriously, I do. This is why I had to talk to aforementioned friend, because I cannot sit and think and come up with an idea without consulting someone else. We discussed my need to dislike cutesy books, which is apparently a new thing for me. Discovered this was probably triggered by my recent disgrace at what I used to read in middle school {translates to: Looked through my bookshelves, found first eight Clique books. Remembered my love for them, couldn't even finish the first one. Disgrace.}.

So apparently now I'm going through some kind of existential book reading crisis in which I read Pride & Prejudice over and over and over again in an attempt to purge every bad book I've ever read from my system. It's really not as dramatic as I make it out to be. But alas. Hopefully Past Perfect hath cured me of my "if it looks cutesy I want to hate it" disorder.

Anyway, I really really really adored Past Perfect. Leila Sales has a very interesting writing style, smooth and transitory without being overtly poetic, which worked quite well with the story. The plot was paced incredibly well, only sped up a bit too much for me in the end.

Was it the most unpredictable book ever? Nope. But it was entertaining and I was really cheering for everyone. Well, maybe not Frog Boy. He kinda freaked me out. Chelsea and Dan are completely adorable, Ezra is appropriately douchey, Fiona appropriately shifting.

As most of you know I've been having difficulties with this review, so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead. Basically: I highly recommend this book and it comes out October 4th!

*Sidenote: The cover's misleading. Just...don't judge this one by the cover. Also, that title? Swoon.

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