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back to the grind

Hello lovely people,
I feel like it's been a while.
Definitely longer than a week, more like a year.

Thank you to everyone who emailed me about guest posting, I just wasn't on the internet at all to check anything out.

Anyway, school's starting soon {blech}, cheering's starting {ugh}, and I've started volunteering at this wonderful free trade place {yee!}. This means my time goes from endless to zip in 2.5 weeks. Plus, the college visits from hell hath begun.

All of this adds up to me saying goodbye to some things on the blog:
so long Teaser Tuesday,
hasta la vista What I want in my mailbox {AKA my Waiting on Wednesday},
sayonara In My Mailbox,
bye basically everything that's not a review, blog tour or the uber rare contest.

I hope my blog doesn't get boring for you all, but I honestly just don't have the time anymore.

Thanks guys!

"Dark Blue"-Jack's Mannequin,