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jandy nelson is my spirit animal

This post can also be called "I can't write reviews that don't suck eggs completely, so here is a post that's not a review" {I make no promises that this doesn't suck equal eggs}. I've decided to take the time I would be using for a review, which I cannot write right now, to talk about/pimp/gush over one of the books currently in the ever-rotating List of Really Awesome Books I Love More Than All the Othas.

It's a little book called The Sky is Everywhere. Optional extended title> The Sky is Everywhere: A Book Crafted by Jandy Nelson out of Rainbows, Sunshine, Flowers & Light.

When someone sees a favorite book of mine on my bookshelf, my nightstand, or more commonly constantly by my side stuffed into a bag or purse, he or she usually thinks I hate the book. Because it's completely "ruined." I like to think it's personalized.

Some of you are going to want to ring my neck and throw me to the dogs, but alas. I'm a DIY reader. I dog-ear, I underline, I occasionally highlight, I write random poems and thoughts completely unrelated to the story in margins and inside covers. I crack spines, I usually end up ripping and tearing pages and covers {most of my books are paperback, I'm not the Hulk}. I ring books out. Squeeze every last bit of feeling out of the pages. I live with my favorite books, build relationships. I've never fallen in love with a book as quickly as I did with The Sky is Everywhere. My poor paperback has been through hell and back, shows how much I completely love the story.

I recently reread my review of The Sky is Everywhere and can't help but feel like a fraud. I sound so clinical in my analysis, so sirius bsns. It bothers me that I didn't delve at all into how much this book truly means to me. Which is, like, a whole lot. I'm not going to go all "This is my sad story let's have a group cry and talk about feelings." I'll just leave it at this: This book means more to me than almost anything I've ever read and my review does it no justice whatsoever.

Consider this post my ode to Jandy Nelson, the genius Author/Literary Agent/Superhero behind Lennie's story.

I'm a fan forever, seriously.

If you haven't read The Sky is Everywhere I have a list of things for you to do:
  1. Read the book.
If you managed to finish this rambling mumbo jumbo of a post I salute you. And want to talk to you. And give you a medal or something. But mostly talk to you, about your favorite book(s). What are they? Why do you love them? Which authors make you want to dedicate a post to their brilliance?

Happy Thursday!

*And guess what?! Tomorrow I'll be on a college visit at NYU and hopefully will get to Strand for the first time. :) And hopefully hit up Books of Wonder again since it never disappoints me.

"Turning Tables"-Adele,