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blogging bucket list!

Inspired by Audrey @ holes in my brain, I've decided to post my book blogging bucket list.
This is in no way me still trying to get out of working on my Past Perfect Review.
No way.
one. Have any type of communication whatsoever with John Green. {Also: Jandy Nelson, Melina Marchetta, Stephanie Perkins. I've been @replied by Courtney Summers and Kimberly Derting and have met Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, David Levithan, Libba Bray, Lisa Ann Sandell and Gayle Forman. They were all formally on The List of People I'd Flail For.}
two. Stealing number two from Audrey: scribble, annotate, love, hug, squeeze, thoroughly personalize a favorite book and send it to the author.
three. Leave a Nerdfighter note/note in a favorite book of mine.
four. Send a handwritten letter to one of my favorite authors gushing completely.
five. Meet a blogger friend in real life. Preferably in NYC so we can prance around Strand and Books of Wonder. Or we can just prance around in general.
six. Post a really awesome discussion post that gets people talking/thinking about books and bookish things.
seven. Somehow weasel my way into an author's acknowledgement page. This is more like a life goal and also counts for record acknowledgments, but alas.
eight. Literally read a book until it falls apart.
nine. Reach 500 followers. Yes, yes. I know. "It's not about the followers, Cara." I know that. But it would also be cool to reach that point. To have 500 people choose to subscribe to what I'm writing.
ten. 1,000 posts. I'm hoping posts are like paper cranes and at some point I'll be granted a wish.
eleven. Become a better writer, reader.

This list could be ten pages long, but I'm keeping it short and sweet. What's on your blogging bucket list?

"My Racing Thoughts"-Jack's Mannequin,