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Explanation for my brief disappearance...

Here's the list of reasons that I haven't blogged in... too long. Hopefully they are acceptable and valid reasons. If not, I promise to have some sort of post EXPLOSION this weekend. C:

1. School
2. Tests for said school
3. Homework for aforementioned school
4. SLEEP, I finally decided to see what everyone was raving about.
5. Friends... yeah, I actually have a few.
6. Awesome concert of awesomesauce on Friday, which needed a few days to recover from.

As you can see school is EATING me ALIVE. But, most of my major tests are going down this week which means free time for Cara next week.

*P.S. I saw Stereo Skyline, Artist Vs. Poet, Cartel, & The Maine at the concert (6.), and am very interested in knowing if any of you have seen them before? Also, are any of you planning on going to The Maine's headlining tour this summer? Just wondering.

Okay, that is all.


(Is the 'xoxo' too much?)