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Character Connection!

Today, I've decided to get in on this meme started by The Introverted Reader! I think I'll actually stick to this and hopefully post every Thursday or Friday. I've thought about going along with other memes, but I never find one that I truly think I can stick to. I think this one just might be the one for me! I'm constantly gushing to my friends about how much I love certain characters, so this truly perfect.

For my first character connection I've decided to profess my love for Jace from the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

Oh Jace, how I adore you.

Seriously, he's smart, he fights demons for fun, he rides vampire motorcycles, he knows numerous languages, he's sarcastic, he's sweet on the inside, and he's a serious badass on the outside... What's not to love?

While the demon fighting, slightly jerkish (I'm pretty positive that jerkish isn't a word) Jace is extremely sexy, the Jace that seems to only come out Clary is around is the person that makes most fans swoon. Besides being hot and dangerous and possessing all of the qualities I've previously mentioned, he's also very loyal. When any of his friends or family need him, Jace is there in a heartbeat. He's the guy with the hard shell that only that girl can crack. Seriously, how can anyone not love him?

This concludes my first Character Connection, and I'd love to read what you think of Jace. Leave a comment with your thoughts!

If you're in the North Eastern United States enjoy this lovely weather we've been having!