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Character Connection! (2)

Character Connection is a weekly meme hosted by Jennifer at The Introverted Reader. This meme is for the sole purpose of spotlighting those characters that we love in YA fiction. For more details check out Jennifer's blog!
I'm a day late on this (whoops), sorry! Anywho, this week's character is Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series!

I honestly don't think this girl gets enough acknowledgment. Most discussions I see or hear are mostly about which team you're on (Team Gale all the way!), but today I want to talk about the lady behind the battle. First off, Katniss is a smart girl. She may not make the best decisions all the time, but she definitely knows what she's doing. She's also very independent and can stand up for her self. She doesn't take crap and will kick your a** if you try to harm her family or friends, which is awesome!

Too many female protagonists these days seem weak and incapable of forming a sentence without help. This is why seeing a strong character like Katniss makes me want to sing show-tunes! Basically, she's awesome, and I can't wait to see more of her in Mockingjay!

Happy Friday everyone!