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I'm back! (...again)

Let's just say it: I suck.

I have no time management skills whatsoever, and cannot seem to juggle school, cheering, a social life, homework AND blogging. But I'm going to try to be better about it.

With everything starting back up I know I haven't been on the ball lately. (I haven't read a book that wasn't school assigned in over a week!) I'm going to try to post a review this weekend and hopefully at least one a week for the next few months. This IS a review blog and because I'm not on as often I'm going to start cutting back on things like WoW, Book Blogger Hop, and The Saturday Network. I love participating in them, but if I can only post once a week I'd rather post a review than a contest or meme.

Woo. Now that that's over with, how are you guys?! What are your classes like (if you're still in school)? What about teachers? How are you balancing everything? I miss all of your posts!

Oh, and hello to all my new followers! I hope you enjoy my blog!

Random picture time:

(I don't know if anyone else finds this funny, but I actually laughed out loud.)

"I Like the Ones"-Austin Gibbs,