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And just in case you missed the subject I'll leave this here in nice big red letters: THERE BE SPOILERS HERE MY LOVELIES. 

Now I'll try to express most of my feelings in words, but sometimes words are not enough. This is when I bring in the gifs. For times like this when I finish Mockingjay and can't think of anything to say and just stare at the book.

This is me immediately after finishing:


Then I moved onto this:


And now I'm finally here:


Here's why:

First of all it's no secret that I'm so Team Gale, I can't even think of Team Peeta, so obviously I was a little miffed that she chose dough boy. But that's not what broke my little Gale-lovin' heart. It was the fact that once she chooses Peeta it's like Gale (and everyone else) drops off the face of the Earth. All we get is: 'Gale has a fancy new job.' and 'Katniss's mother has abandoned her, but that's a minor detail.' Katniss goes from 'You crazy, Peeta.' to 'Oh, Peeta, I wish I could write our names in the stars with rainbows made with unicorn hugs.' in about ten pages. That whole ending just rubbed me the wrong way.

And don't even get me started on Finnick. Poor Annie is barely even mentioned after his death even though she's lost the only person who can keep her stable, not to mention the fact that she just got him back. Oh deary, how I love Finnick.

Although I just about lost it when Finnick died, I completely flipped when Prim was killed. My first thoughts: The sole reason Katniss was pulled into any of this Mockingjay business just died. Then when I finished the book I was outraged that she didn't have more than a scene in which she grieved.

I don't even know what else to say about that.

 Some things I loved:
  • That Cinna was remembered for his passion and that he still played a part in the story.
  • Not gonna lie, I adored hijacked, tell-it-like-it-is Peeta. He wasn't such a pushover and was more honest than many of the other characters.
  • Gale was still my favorite. I don't care if sometimes he got a little bloodthirsty. He was there for Katniss when no one else was.
  • Prim. She was such a special little girl.
  • Snow was finally killed.
So, those are my thoughts. My rant is over. Feel free to hate or appreciate. Doesn't matter to me, but I'd love to discuss it with you all! 

Happy September everyone!

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