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Just Contemporary Month: Week One {Guest Post!}

This month, in case you didn't know, is Just Contemporary Month! I love love love contemporary YA, therefore I'm participating in some of the guest posty activities planned. This week's guest post is written by Jordyn from Ten Cent Notes all about why she loves contemporary! It's great my lovelies, so read on. :)

Explaining why I love contemporary YA so much is difficult; it's like trying to tell you why I love a certain song more than others: I just do. When you read a lot, you end up falling in love with certain stories, and this has happened to me over and over again. As a kid I was obsessed with the Baby-Sitter's Club; I read The Girls by Amy Goldman Koss during that horrible year when the girls in my class hated me. I discovered YA fiction in the form of The Truth About Forever, which was the sort of profoundly wonderful book that instantly drew me into the genre.

From there I've read everything from Dessen and Laurie Halse Anderson to newer contemporary authors like Courtney Summers, Sarah Ockler, and Gayle Forman. It's hard to pigeon-hole these stories. They're about growing up, about grief, about friendship and family and love. There are lighthearted, feel-good stories as well as stories about the tougher issues that are harder to handle. 

I love contemporary YA because of characters like Frankie Landau-Banks, Kurt Brodsky, Anna Oliphant, Scarlett and Spencer Martin, and Adam Wilde -- these are characters who are remarkably real while being funny, strong, and incredibly amazing. The incredible characters and true-to-life stories are what makes contemporary YA a genre I absolutely love.


Awesome, no? And as per usual here is my obligatory 'school is killing me softly, I'm sorry I don't post' spiel: I'm sorry. School hates me.

Didn't want to disappoint anyone. It's not a post unless I'm apologizing for not posting. :)

I hope all of you lovely people are having awesome lives and staying excellent and such!

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