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Top Ten Guest Post {Just Contemporary Week Four!}

This month, in case you didn't know, is Just Contemporary Month! I love love love contemporary YA, therefore I'm participating in some of the guest posty activities planned. This week's guest post is written by Tara from Hobbitsies all about her favorite authors in contemporary literature! It's great my lovelies, so read on. :)
Alright, picking my top ten contemporary authors was hard. REALLY HARD. Clearly you guys know how many awesome contemporary authors are out there, so narrowing it down is not something I ever want to attempt again, hah!

So, here it goes – my top ten favourite contemporary authors, in no order!

1) SARAH OCKLER – Her writing is AMAZING. She’s only written two books, Twenty Boy Summer and Fixing Delilah, and I am such a freaking huge fan girl. If someone ever asks me “which author do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer will be Sarah Ockler. Her writing style is fantastic and gorgeous and her characters are so real and I just cry and cry and cry. I love her!

2) STEPHANIE PERKINS – Alright, isn’t this a given? Who doesn’t love Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door? Not only is Stephanie Perkins herself amazing and awesome, but her books and her characters ESPECIALLY her male characters ah!

3) MEG CABOT – Another given. But really. She’s Meg freaking Cabot. All of her books are amazing, ESPECIALLY the contemporary ones (although I do admit I love the Mediator series). I have read The Princess Diaries series like a million times.

4) LOUISE RENNISON – You want to talk about a funny woman? Her books are laugh out loud funny. Lots of hilarious escapades and unbelievably mortifying moments and even though none of the stuff has ever happened to me, I can totally picture it all in my head. Love her!

5) MAUREEN JOHNSON  - Her books are lovely and hilarious and I’ve literally read them all and I love them, but honestly, Maureen Johnson isn’t just on this list because of her books. She, as a person, is awesome. She just has so much presence, it’s awe-inspiring. I met her twice at BEA and I just love her.

6) LEILA SALES – I loved Mostly Good Girls  - I thought it was one of the most realistic books I’ve ever read. Funny and embarrassing and moving. And then I read Past Perfect and that just legitimately made my day. Such an awesome book, such an awesome contemporary writer.

7) KODY KEPLINGER – I know a lot of people knock Kody Keplinger because her books focus on sex, but honestly? I love that about her books. It’s so real. Some high schoolers have sex and her books are very honest about that.

8) SARA BENNETT WEALER – She’s only published one book so far, Rival, but I absolutely loved it. It was a refreshing contemporary that focused more on the importance of friendship and goals than boys. I can’t wait to read more from her.

9) ALLY CARTER – SPIES. Okay. Her books are about SPIES AND ART THIEVES. I freaking love espionage and thievery and badass teenage girls who are doing espionage and thievery. I always look forward to the next Ally Carter book.

10) SARAH DESSEN – How on earth did I forget Sarah freaking Dessen? Her books are AMAZING and real and really leave an impact on me every single time.

Thanks for the awesome post, Tara! :)

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