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review: Don't Breathe a Word by Holly Cupala

Joy Delamere is suffocating... 

From asthma, which has nearly claimed her life. From her parents, who will do anything to keep that from happening. From delectably dangerous Asher, who is smothering her from the inside out.

Joy can take his words—tender words, cruel words—until the night they go too far.

Now, Joy will leave everything behind to find the one who has offered his help, a homeless boy called Creed. She will become someone else. She will learn to survive. She will breathe…if only she can get to Creed before it’s too late.

Set against the gritty backdrop of Seattle’s streets and a cast of characters with secrets of their own, Holly Cupala’s powerful new novel explores the subtleties of abuse, the meaning of love, and how far a girl will go to discover her own strength.

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My thoughts:
Don't Breathe a Word shocked me a bit. Which is great, because that doesn't happen as often as I'd like. I, along with most of you I'm guessing, didn't know anything about the Seattle homeless scene. I didn't even know there was a Seattle homeless scene.

I was interested in Joy and her story instantly and was ready for an interesting and thrilling book. For the most part that's what I got.

The first half of Don't Breathe a Word was fast paced and really drew me in. After about the halfway mark though, something stopped clicking. I gradually fell out of love with the characters, the plot, and the story in general.

Twists started to unravel and become predictable and by the end it got a bit eye roll worthy.

Overall, Don't Breathe a Word is a decent read with brilliant bits and less than brilliant bits thrown in. I recommend for those looking for a less than warm and fuzzy experience.

Summing it up:
Don't Breathe a Word is creative and quite the eye opener. To be released January 3, 2012.

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