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review: Saving June by Hannah Harrington!

Summary: Harper Scott's "perfect" sister committed suicide. And she left questions behind. Between a boy she tutored who seems to know more about June than Harper does, eclectic mix CDs, and an unsent postcard, Harper needs to ask more than anyone can answer. So she goes to the only place she may be able to find solace from her tangled thoughts of June: California.

♥ Favorite Line(s):

"Nolite te bastardes carborundorum"

"And now that thread is thinning with every passing moment, worn down by the brutal scrape of reality grating away at it, bit by bit."

"P.S.--I'm not scared anymore."

My thoughts:
Saving June is the type of book that makes me want to pull words from its pages and carry them in my pocket for a while. It's heartbreaking and cool and fun and completely absolutely absorbing.

I want to hang out with Harper and Jake and Laney. I want to talk about The Doors and fire and how the universe kinda sucks sometimes, but the happy bits drown the others out at least partway. And I wish I wasn't rambling, but that's what this book does to me. It makes me want to speak and write and draw and make something out of nothing and cut some things to pieces. Guh.

The characters leap off the pages and dance around in my head. They sing and live and breathe and I wish I could come back, seep into the pages with them. And the plot! The whole 'road trip with an almost stranger with a random connection to you blahdy blah blahderson' is getting overdone, but Saving June made me want to know every detail of the trip.

Basically, Saving June is made of sunshine, rainbows, the hopes of children and many other lovely things. should read it.

P.S. the last of my favorite lines killed me. Killed. Me.

Summing it up:

Saving June is absolutely fantastic. It will be released November 22, 2011. Mark your calendars!

"3 Rounds And A Sound"-Blind Pilot,