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Hullo lovelies.

If you haven't noticed, I've been kind of MIA lately. And not of the rapper variety.

"Why?" you must ask, "Is it us, Cara? Do you not like us anymore?"

To which I say NO. You see, all capital letters NO.

Last week I scheduled some posts for over last weekend because I knew I'd be in summer reading hell {yes, I'm that kid who reads incessantly but only if I can choose the books}. Now those posts have been er...posted and I don't have time right now to keep up.

Not because I don't like blogging or anything like that it's Guh. Just typing it out gives me the creeps.

I'm a senior. In high school. About to graduate. Applying to college. Basically in the midst of everything that scares the hell out of me.

I have some tough classes as well as some awesome ones {yay, Theatre Arts!}, but all of them have lots o' work. Which means I might only post once a week for a while. Maybe more, less. But you can expect a decline in thine posting habits. Hopefully I won't blink off the face of the blogosphere like last year! *crosses fingers*

To all my blogger friends, currently and to come>

Still checking my email like a fiend, so feel free to send away. If anything vital or just generally awesome should stumble up while I'm on half-hiatus please send an email as that's the safest bet for reaching me!

You all deserve stickers and flying popsicles and puppy-sized elephants {I will name mine Blu} and oodles and bunches and bits of good things.

P.S. You all should most definitely read this!