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Two posts in two days? WHAT?

I said I wouldn't be back for a while. But, alas, procrastination is my close companion and so here I am. Today the ever lovely Amna posted about how she is experiencing YA- deja vu in which her life is starting to resemble her YA novel. You can read it here. And then come back. I'll wait.

*elevator music plays*

Okay, okay. ANYWAY. I got to thinking after I read the blog post and thought to myself, "How friggin' awesome would it be if your life turned into your favorite YA novel?" After some more thinking I've decided there are a few ways it could go.

1. Awesomely awesome in every way
You meet the significant other of your dreams and ride of into the sunset after a few bumps in the road. Kick ass supernatural powers optional. Everything is peachy keen and you've survived the experience with all of your sanity intact. (Ex: Dash & Lily's Book of Dares)

2. A horrible disaster of epic proportions
You find yourself torn from your cushy life and thrown into a world of battle and near starvation. You have to go through numerous grueling tasks and come out of the experience barely able to spell your name. (Ex. Hunger Games)

3. You have no idea what just happened
Literally. The story barely made sense when you read it and now that you're living it you have no idea what the hell is going on anymore. (Ex. Going Bovine)

4. You pass on
Choose your favorite YA novel carefully, but being even more cautious with your favorite character choice. If you like Harry Potter and the time comes when the Agency that Puts People in their Favorite YA Books (ATPPITFYAB for short) asks who you want to be like DO NOT SAY SIRIUS BLACK. Okay? You will die and then that would really suck for you.

So there you have it. The only possible ways I can see the idea of being in your favorite YA novel ending. Now you all know what happens when I don't want to do my work. I hope you have something better to do than read this pointless post (yay for alliteration!), but if not, I hope this provided some sort of entertainment.

Can any of you much more creative people think of other situations?